Church of St Andrew the Apostle (Süttör)

The foundations of Süttör’s first 12th-century church were found in 1906 in Jakabsziget at the edge of the village. The area was probably abandoned due to flooding from Lake Fertő. The Baroque church was built in 1732 on the site of the current church. It was demolished in 1889 and a new one was already constructed that year. The building, designed by Viennese Lajos Zatzka, is modelled on northern German Gothic churches. The facade has ridge turrets on each corner and a tall tower jutting out from its middle. The panes above its three doors are decorated with mosaic images (Mary, Jesus and Joseph). The marble plaque next to the Joseph door commemorates the priest and poet Mihály Mentes (1891-1960), who was born in Süttör. He also wrote, for example, the words for the hymn beginning “God, for our fatherland kneel down we in front of You”. The church’s neo-Gothic furnishings were made in 1889. The main altar bears statues of St Andrew and the Holy Kings of the Árpád House. The side altars were erected in honour of Jesus’s Heart and the Blessed Virgin. The organ was made in 1935 at the Rieger factory in Budapest. Many prominent figures, including Pope John Paul II, József Mindszenti and Vilmos Apor (also 20th-century confessors), are depicted in the images on the side walls and the ceiling.

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