Church of Our Lord’s Transfiguration

The first church in Újváros was the Salvator (Divine Saviour) Chapel built in 1965, which stood on the site of today’s Synagogue. The second was St Joseph’s Church, which stood on the site of today’s church. This originally Evangelical Church came into the ownership of the Catholics in 1749. As this then proved too small, the current church was built in Neoclassical style between 1836 and 1841 according the plans of Antal Fruhmann. The coat of arms of the city of Győr, which built the church, is located above the high altar. It is Győr’s second largest church, with a floorspace of 660 m2. In the high altarpiece depicting the scene on the mountain of the “Lord’s Transfiguration”, Jesus shows his divinity to three apostles (Peter, James and John), so that his persecuted disciples can also draw strength from this later. A statue of St Stephen, the patron saint of Győr, stands next the high altar. The organ, which was made in Bratislava, was brought by boat to Győr in 1854. The St Joseph side altar, made in 1896, can be found in the right-hand series of chapels.

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