Church of King St Ladislaus

The altar of the church rebuilt after the 1779 earthquake commemorates the martyrdom and glorification of St John of Nepomuk. There is a copy of the Celldömölk Mary statue below it. The pulpit’s two carved pictures depict the St Paul the Apostle and the Archangel St Michael defeating Satan. The central figure of the painting above the main altar is King St Ladislaus, wearing armour, offering his sword to Our Lady of Hungary. Glass artist, Vajk Farkas created the five windows’ images in 2008. Two of them depict princesses of the House of Árpád: Byzantine Empress St Irene (daughter of St Ladislaus) with a map of historical Hungary in her hand and St Elizabeth of the Árpád House (daughter of Andrew II) with roses in her apron. Three glass images commemorate Sára Salkaházi, Vilmos Apor and János Brenner, who were recently beatified. There is a gate in front of the church, erected in 2000, as a gift “with God’s help” from the twinned Transylvanian village of Székelyszentkirály. A statue of St John of Nepomuk, erected in 1722, stands next to the cycle path leading to Győr.

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