Chapel of St Peregrine (Peregrinus)

The octagonal roadside Peregrine Chapel was erected in 1709 at the behest of Jób Viczay’s wife, Eszter Ebergényi in honour of the patron saint of wanderers and those suffering from foot ailments. Local legend tells a different story about the chapel: that a peeress came to Hédervár on foot from France and she was so worn out by the journey that she collapsed on reaching the market town, where the chapel stands. She was taken to the castle to be cared for. In her fever, St Peregrine appeared before her and healed her. In gratitude, she had a chapel built in honour of the saint and adorned with a painting of her saviour as she had seen him in her dream. (Many hospitals around the world are named after the Servite monk, St Peregrine, the intercessor for those with gout, foot ailments and cancer, who lived at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries.)

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