Calvinist Church

The village’s inhabitants became acquainted with the doctrines of the Reformation in the 1530s. Due to the adverse fortunes of the Calvinist fellowship, the church’s construction only began in 1825. The church was consecrated ten years later in 1835. The flat-ceilinged church has a wooden-shingled roof. At first, a wooden belfry was built, and a small bell was cast for it in 1816. The ornate tower with its unusual geometrical steeple stands in front of the main facade and is connected to it with a curved Baroque wall. The large, sophisticated geometrical steeple’s timberwork is covered with metal plates. The pulpit was made in 1851. A gallery with an enclosed lower part and rows of pews on a raised floor was built on the western and eastern sides of the nave. The walls and ceiling are covered with pine panelling. The communion table and baptismal table are in the middle of the church while the organ stands on a pedestal.

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