Calvinist Church

The Calvinist congregation in Táp ran a school from 1629. At that time, except for Pápa, there was only this one school in the whole diocese. The Turkish army retreating from Vienna destroyed the village and the church in 1683, but it had already been rebuilt by 1691. In 1700, the Jesuits seized the church and banished the preacher, János Újvári. Freedom of religious profession in Táp was interrupted until 1784. At that time, worshippers went to Réde to attend Reformed services. The Reformed congregation of Táp began to build the current church in September 1784. They had to fill in the marshy land with hundreds of cartloads of soil. The church was inaugurated on 4 December 1785. The tower was built in 1827. Commemorative plaques were installed by the congregation in the church on the 400th and 500th anniversaries of the beginning of the Reformation (in 1917 and 2017).

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