There were already crosses standing on the Calvaria Hill above the Roman Catholic Holy Trinity Church at the beginning of the 1800s; these had rotted over time. The new crosses were made by a local carpenter and his sons. The bodies on the cross were painted by Táp handyman, Tibor Hatos. A “serpentine” pedestrian path was built and reliefs immortalising the 14 stations of Jesus’s Way of the Cross were erected next to it. Wood-carver Károly Schreiner created the station’s images. Thanks to the cooperation of the local populace, the Catholics and the Calvinists erected the crosses and put in plants. The ceremonial benediction of the Táp Calvaria Hill took place on 28 March 2015. When you arrive up at the crosses, you will see a lovely panorama of visitors and pilgrims spread out before you.

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