Benedictine Archabbey

Founded in 996 by Prince Géza on Mons Sacer Pannoniae with its rights and privileges then confirmed by his son King Stephen in 1002, the Pannonhalma Archabbey is a living witness of European and Hungarian culture, a haven of Christianity and culture and a watch post for love and service. Its architectural, cultural and social heritage continues to teach, inspire and amaze even after a thousand years, as it opens its doors wide to ensure visitors get the most from its values. In 1996, UNESCO declared the then thousand-year-old abbey and its surroundings a World Heritage Site.

Pannonhalma, Chapel of Our Lady
Construction of the Chapel of Our Lady, with its crypt below, was begun by Archduke Celesztin Göncz in 1714. He was the first to be buried here, in the final resting place of the monks. The chapel was originally a parish church for non-Hungarian speakers living near the abbey.

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