The Fountain of King Béla

The retreating ancient Pannonian Sea created a tarn above the deep impermeable layers of rock in this area, of which several springs emerge around the village. One of the most famous of these is the Fountain of King Béla which is also the sacral symbol and emblem of Ravazd.
The locals, the neighbours and passing travellers can draw from the cool water of the ancient spring celebrating the history of the thousand-year-old Hungarian village. The spring can be found at the Southern end of the village and comes from the 18th-century Baroque drinking fountain standing under the shady boughs of trees in the territory near route 82.
According to medieval chronicles the army of Árpád the Conqueror, then the refugee King Béla IV during the Mongol invasion also took a rest at the spring which was given the name “The Fountain of King Béla” in memory of this. The water of the spring is also used today for the local bottled water named “Vis Vitalis”.

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