St Michael’s Church

Built in 1783 on the foundations of an earlier church, St Michael’s Church is a single-naved, late Baroque building. We have no exact details about its predecessor’s construction and consecration, but we do know that it was consecrated to the honour of the Archangel St Michael. We can form a picture of the status of the previous church and congregation on the basis of surviving visitation records dating from 1659, 1680, 1696 and 1713. In 1680, Čunovo was a still an arm or a branch of Rusovce, whose parish priest came to dispense the holy sacraments. According to the records, the village landowners asked the bishop for an independent parish with its own priest. Their request was fulfilled in 1689 and Čunovo became a parish in its own right, with its own seal among other things, several imprints of which still survive; the village’s current coat of arms was later modelled on this. The 1696 visitation record preserved the name of the local parish priest, Martin Ignác Horváth, who was then serving his third year in Čunovo. A statue of St John of Nepomuk stands near the former port on the banks of the Danube. This was erected to commemorate the devastating flood that literally washed away half the village on All Saints Day in 1787. Also near the church, but outside the village walls, you will come across a statue of the Virgin Mary. This was erected in the second half of the 18th century by Melchior Kerekes, the sub-prefect of Moson County, who lived in Čunovo and was a generous supporter of the local church. His mansion house stood on the site of today’s local council offices.

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