Parish Church dedicated to the Apostles St Philip and St James

The chapel in the local cemetery was gradually transformed into a Gothic church in the first half of the 14th century. The Gothic church tower built onto the 1.5m-thick double walls is first mentioned in sources from 1306. The church was later rebuilt in Renaissance and Baroque style. Its present state reflects its 1888 transformation, when the parish priest, Móric Alster, extended the church by eight metres to increase its capacity and also increased its height by one metre. On entering the remarkable building, the visitor is first struck by the high altar carved in 1949 from Carrara marble, followed by the five stained-glass windows from 1896 depicting religious themes, the statues, the murals, the Baroque pulpit dating from the early 18th century, the two side altars from 1712 listed as protected monuments and a series of other special, sacred monuments.

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